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Excuse Me While I Stroke My Ego

I have just completed the CompTIA “Train the Trainer” course to get my CTT+ and MCT certifications.  Part of the process is to design and teach a 20 minute class in front of a minimum of 5 students.  This all needs to be video taped, and you are judged on certain criteria.  I decided to do a little Intro to Powershell class.  Unfortunately, that was easier said than done.  It took me 3 days of working with the students to realize that a hands-on demo just wouldn’t be possible.  The majority of the people in the class are becoming MCTs in order to teach Office products, and things like getting them to set-executionpolicy remotesigned and run a few scripts was a taller order than I anticipated.

After some late nights of planning, and suffering through a stuffed nose and sore throat due to an attack by the common cold I succeeded in my task.  What I wound up with is a decent introduction to Powershell from a big-picture view with an emphasis on why we need scripting, and why we should use Powershell.  Ideally the class would have been an hour, but one of the criteria is that you can ensure that everything is done in 20 minutes so some things definitely were breezed through, and some things I hoped to discuss were completely skipped.  I probably should have dropped the last two scripts, and at the very least had the class type get-process possibly with a pipe to out-gridview.  Regardless I think it went well enough to post here.  Granted if you’re reading this site then you are not the target of the presentation, but if anyone has any teaching gigs for me feel free to drop me a line.

View the Introduction To Powershell videos


One response to “Excuse Me While I Stroke My Ego

  1. Tome January 22, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    Great news! I just got my confirmation from Microsoft. I am officially a Microsoft Certified Trainer!

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