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Set-WinSchedule – a winform GUI recurring schedule Picker that currently works with schtasks

While my scriptomania script is currently locked down from viewing until the contest is over I thought I would turn the Schedule Picking GUI function I created into a module (Set-WinSchedule).  It’s a very early release that can only do 3 types of recurring patterns, but it is definitely useful enough as it exists for most admin-type recurrences:

My end goal is to duplicate all of the recurrence patterns available in Outlook.  The funny thing is that I’ve already done this before in another life when I wore my development hat.  There was a time that one of my Outlook Com add-ins called Shared Calendar had me do the same task in C#.  Back then I used the dialog for evil while I tried to suck the money out of as many small businesses as I could with no regard for life, love, or the pursuit of anything resembling morality.  This time, however, I’d like to create it as a very versatile scripting utility that can be used by many in an attempt to return the balance of power within my soul (Jeeze…. I’ve definitely been watching too much Lost)….  I want to be able to use either schtasks, wmi, or “at” to create a schedule while also creating a recurrence object that can be used by other modules or scheduling systems.  The following is my current hitlist with this very beta release:

  • Need to have more scheduling options.  I expect to have all options available in a recurring outlook calendar item
  • Need to have methods for scheduling with all 3 providers: schtasks, wmi, and “at” to create the schedule.  Currently it only uses schtasks
  • Need to design the return object properties:
    • Should contain the text paths for each provider type
    • Should contain a date/time for start time
  • Need to provide a method to overwrite an existing task if it has the same name and the user confirms that it is ok to overwrite.
    • Should also provide a -force parameter for this option.
  • Need to ensure that files piped from get-item will be scheduled
  • Need a parameter to override ok box at the end



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