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NYC Powershell User Group Needs Presenters

Life is tiring.  I really just want to end this posting with that last sentence, but I’m going to harness the energy to continue.  We are four days away from the inaugural meeting of the NYC Powershell User Group.  For those that are considering starting one of these in your home town be ready to work hard.  It’s a long road, but after Monday I hope I’ll be singing the but-it’s-a-rewarding-road tune.  Getting and coordinating with sponsors, corralling members to fill out forms, ensuring the venue is ready, assembling your slide decks, reminder e-mails, community-media blitzes, and a lot of hobnobbing is time consuming.  Add that to the fact that I have been finalizing a deal with a new employer, having to give notice with my current employer, making sure to tie up all loose ends, and taking care of a sixteen month old girl and…. well…. let’s just say I’m tired…

Nonetheless, the show must go on.  So in order to do that I’m going to beg for some help because if you can’t tell by my opening… I’m tired!  May 10th and June 14th will be the second and third meetings for the NYC Powershell User group, and I can really use assistance.

Most importantly is content.  If you like to talk about Powershell, if you have a book you are promoting, if you are a vendor with cool Powershell tools now is the easiest time to get a slot to speak at our meetings.  Everyone knows the NYC Powershell User group is going to grow to be the largest regional Powershell group in existence, and now is your time to show off your stuff to the Powershellfull and influential of NYC high geek society including families from both the Admins and Developer clans.  We are not plagued with the submissions from speakers that are sure to come by the end of the year.  So act now!  Move in for the kill and sieze the opportunity for your own personal gain.  Contact with your proposal.

Second most importantly is that if you have a product to push, and want to be noticed you need to sponsor a meeting with food.  April and May are already taken, but June is now available.  We’re not that expensive…. we just need some pizza and beverages.  Want to be a superhero?  Then sponsor a round or two of drinks during the after party at Heartland Brewery.  Don’t feel like spending money then give us your products and swag to give away as prizes.  No swag too small.  I personally am a fan of this thing which makes absolutely no sense to me, but hey we’ve been talking about it at the office for months:

I have no idea what Nexco is, and no this is not a keychain (you can’t open the jump rope wire).  Seriously, I hope your swag is better than this if you’re considering giving it to the greatest Powershell User Group in New York City.

All sponsorship/swag inquiries or offers should also go to

Please go to the NYC Powershell User group website and join the group to get updates about group activity.

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