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Happy Birthday Powertoe! – Tome’s Land of IT

Exactly one year ago on this day I posted my first article on this blog.  I generally don’t think technical writing is something to get sentimental about, but I feel this has been an action-packed year for me worth reflecting on.  Last year I was inspired to contribute back to the community while at the SQL PASS conference – I would never have guessed that I would quickly become a recognized face and voice in the PowerShell community.

So this is a big thank you for reading, following, and giving me tasks to keep me active in the forums.  I have come a long way this year: new job, tons of exposure, the NYC PowerShell User Group, and lots of great opportunities falling into my lap.  It’s been a lot of hard work, but I appreciate every second I’ve been blessed with.  I’m happy to say that the inspired road of selflessness I started walking on during SQL PASS last year has paid off with friendships, satisfaction, and opportunities I never expected to receive.

This site has been a big part of all of that.  Almost 100 views per day in November (more than all of the days in Nov and Dec combined last year) – I’m glad the content is worthy of reading.  You guys are great in my book!  I will do my best to continue to fill your heads with the things that I think are important to being a successful Dev-heavy IT Pro for many years to come!

—Tome Tanasovski

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