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Tome, Regex, MVPs, and Conferences

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog, but extremely busy everywhere else.

Ed Wilson was kind enough to publish two of my articles on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog:
Use PowerShell Regular Expressions to Format Numbers
Use PowerShell Regular Expressions to Parse an RSS Feed (I’m not sure I like this title – It was the example I used, but it was intended to show the technique, not to solve the problem.  There are better ways to handle xml and rss feeds in PowerShell).

The Techstravaganza is planned.  There are a few free seats left.  Make sure to sign up/book flights/get hotels.  It’s going to be a great PowerShell experience.

I will be presenting my hour-long deep dive into regular expressions, and how they work in PowerShell to the UK user group. If you are unfamiliar to regular expressions it will be a great opportunity to learn about them. If you have been using them casually, I promise to give you the deep dive along with an opportunity to ask questions about the more advanced elements. The user group is being held via live meeting so feel free to just listen in.

We are going to have a great PowerShell mind with us at the next NYC User Group meeting on April 11 at the Microsoft offices on 6th ave.  MVP and great guy Aleksander Nikolić will be joining us for this free event. I had the opportunity to spend some time with him this week; I’m happy to call him a good friend now. He will be joining us from Serbia, and I’m looking forward to hearing his talk on PowerShell remoting. Come learn for free about fan-out remoting, interactive remoting, and implicit remoting. With enough interest we can even tease you with a better understanding of what is possible with custom endpoints. Check the site over the next week for more info.

Finally, I was fortunate to be invited to the MVP summit this year. It was an amazing experience. It was like having a week-long PowerShell conference. I met the great minds who extend PowerShell, the artiste IT Pros who conduct their systems in elegant fashion, the speakers and teachers who mold the next generation of PowerShell users, and the passionate folks who just enjoy the product and the communnity they are involved with. Unfortunately, NDA forbids me from disclosing any bits of info except for the fact that there was a conference – oh, I can tell you that I did meet Ed Wilson and the ScriptingWife (she really does exist), and that it was my privilege to teach the French delegation how to drink a car bomb 🙂

Life is good, PowerShell is good, and these are exciting times over here for me!


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