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Podcasts Podcasts Everywhere – PowerScripting Tomorrow – Cmdlet of the Day Forever

Well, I’ve been quiet in the blogland, quiet in the forums, and finally done with everything for the book.  So, where have I been?  Besides working and finally having time to spend with my family, I have put together a little super secret project.  Starting this moment, I have released the PowerShell Cmdlet of the Day Podcast.  The pilot episode has been released on Get-Input.

I am a huge fan of the short-form podcasts.  I love listening to NPR’s Sunday Puzzle and Grammar Girl.  I’ve also used to love the Nasa podcast.  I thought it was high time the PowerShell community got treated to something like this.  So, we’ll see where it goes.  My first podcast (The Toe Show back in 2003/2004) only had 11 episodes.  Fortunately for me, I’ve already recorded almost that many for this show in order to stay ahead of the release curve, but my resolve has obviously not yet been tested.  After this week, I expect to release an episode twice a week.  The second episode will be released on Sunday night/Monday morning and the next few episodes will be about the Group Policy module that now ships with Server.

One more huge announcement.  I will be on the PowerScripting podcast tomorrow night 8/18/2011.  There is a live taping at 9:30pm or you can pick up the episode next week some time (It should be episode 159).  I’m hugely excited to be on the show; it’s my first time on!

So, as the new voice in your head – let me type “Goodbye”

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