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IT Notes from the Powertoe – Tome Tanasovski

See Tome Speak!

I’ve been very busy, and I keep getting busier.  In the next few months I’m doing quite a bit of speaking.  You can see me at the following:

I’ll be doing a talk entitled, “What’s New in PowerShell V3” on March 30th for the NYC Techstravaganza.

I’ll be doing two shorter talks entitled, “Building a PowerShell Corporate Module Repository” and “Pinvoke – When Old APIs Save the Day” for The Experts Conference (TEC 2012) in San Diego, April 29th – May 2cnd.

I’ll also be using the NYC PowerShell User Group regular meeting on April 9th as an opportunity to give myself a dress rehearsal for TEC.

If you follow my blog, and happen to be at one of those events, I look forward to meeting you.  Make sure to introduce yourself.  I promise I don’t bite, but I have been known to talk about PowerShell for hours on end.

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