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Tome, Regex, MVPs, and Conferences

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog, but extremely busy everywhere else.

Ed Wilson was kind enough to publish two of my articles on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog:
Use PowerShell Regular Expressions to Format Numbers
Use PowerShell Regular Expressions to Parse an RSS Feed (I’m not sure I like this title – It was the example I used, but it was intended to show the technique, not to solve the problem.  There are better ways to handle xml and rss feeds in PowerShell).

The Techstravaganza is planned.  There are a few free seats left.  Make sure to sign up/book flights/get hotels.  It’s going to be a great PowerShell experience.

I will be presenting my hour-long deep dive into regular expressions, and how they work in PowerShell to the UK user group. If you are unfamiliar to regular expressions it will be a great opportunity to learn about them. If you have been using them casually, I promise to give you the deep dive along with an opportunity to ask questions about the more advanced elements. The user group is being held via live meeting so feel free to just listen in.

We are going to have a great PowerShell mind with us at the next NYC User Group meeting on April 11 at the Microsoft offices on 6th ave.  MVP and great guy Aleksander Nikolić will be joining us for this free event. I had the opportunity to spend some time with him this week; I’m happy to call him a good friend now. He will be joining us from Serbia, and I’m looking forward to hearing his talk on PowerShell remoting. Come learn for free about fan-out remoting, interactive remoting, and implicit remoting. With enough interest we can even tease you with a better understanding of what is possible with custom endpoints. Check the site over the next week for more info.

Finally, I was fortunate to be invited to the MVP summit this year. It was an amazing experience. It was like having a week-long PowerShell conference. I met the great minds who extend PowerShell, the artiste IT Pros who conduct their systems in elegant fashion, the speakers and teachers who mold the next generation of PowerShell users, and the passionate folks who just enjoy the product and the communnity they are involved with. Unfortunately, NDA forbids me from disclosing any bits of info except for the fact that there was a conference – oh, I can tell you that I did meet Ed Wilson and the ScriptingWife (she really does exist), and that it was my privilege to teach the French delegation how to drink a car bomb 🙂

Life is good, PowerShell is good, and these are exciting times over here for me!


Slides and script used in WMI demo for NYC PUG on April 12th

Here is a link to the slide deck and demo script I used during Monday’s meeting.  These files will probably only be useful to you if you were at the presentation.

Also, I thought I would post the blurb from the help file regarding the special variables you can use in your script block passed to the -action parameter of Register-WmiEvent because I did not have that handy or included in my presentation, but it is very important if you expect to handle WMI events with a script action:

“The value of the Action parameter can include the $Event, $EventSubscriber, $Sender, $SourceEventArgs, and $SourceArgs automatic variables, which provide information about the event to the Action script block. For more information, see about_Automatic_Variables.”

NYC PUG A Complete Success

Sorry for posting this to my personal site, but there are some limitations with the group website that I have to figure out.

I can only speak for myself… I had a great time!  A lot of people passionate about Powershell sat in one room together ate some Idera pizza and dug into Powershell.  We had some beginners,  some advanced, some devy (yes, not Debbie… I hope that’s finally cleared up), some IT pros, and some mixes of all of the above.

NYC does it right…  26 People showed up for a room that fits 25 (so says Microsoft)…. I stake the claim that it’s the largest Powershell UG meeting yet…. prove me wrong world….  A tad cramped, but cozy and close enough for some good discussions and discovery.  Great questions and a great vibe…. Yes, mistakes were made:  I need to remember to have a sign-in sheet, and I need to remember to actually raffle off the door prize while we are there, but with those small hiccups aside everything went smoothly.

The night started off with some ice breaking and pizza followed by a discussion about the group, and a presentation from yours truly about WMI with Powershell.

I will get the slides and demo script up in the next two days.

Afterwards Brandon Shell hit the floor with a true free-form styled discussion about Powershell in general.

Topics ranged far and wide… they included format files, psobjects, modules, functions, cmdlets, whatif, aliases, string formatting, scripting style, the menace and love that is one liners, and about a million other topics (I have a habit of exaggerating).   It was a fun romp through the world of Powershell in an hour from a collective stream of conscious.  Great questions and I think everyone learned at least one thing…. except maybe Brandon who commanded us with an iron fist… ok, absolutely not at all, but he looks tough and commanding in this picture:

I really can’t thank everyone enough for coming out, and enjoying this with us.  I’m really looking forward to the future of this group.  I hope we can implement all of the ideas that everyone had.

Don’t forget to e-mail or visit the website to tell us about topics you want to discuss at future meetings… If no one else wants to present Brandon and I will make sure to continue delivering the Powershell word to you.

Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures at the after party, but we had some good discussions there.  It’s nice to see the passion about Powershell, and apparently skateboarding as well.

Looking forward to the next meeting on May 10th (the day before my birthday).  The meeting announcement will be out this week.  Look for it on

Thank you Brandon Shell, Marco Shaw, Hal Rottenberg, Doug Finke, Peter Laudati, Rachel Appel, Bob Hunt, and Idera for helping me get this first meeting in the can!

NYC Powershell User Group Needs Presenters

Life is tiring.  I really just want to end this posting with that last sentence, but I’m going to harness the energy to continue.  We are four days away from the inaugural meeting of the NYC Powershell User Group.  For those that are considering starting one of these in your home town be ready to work hard.  It’s a long road, but after Monday I hope I’ll be singing the but-it’s-a-rewarding-road tune.  Getting and coordinating with sponsors, corralling members to fill out forms, ensuring the venue is ready, assembling your slide decks, reminder e-mails, community-media blitzes, and a lot of hobnobbing is time consuming.  Add that to the fact that I have been finalizing a deal with a new employer, having to give notice with my current employer, making sure to tie up all loose ends, and taking care of a sixteen month old girl and…. well…. let’s just say I’m tired…

Nonetheless, the show must go on.  So in order to do that I’m going to beg for some help because if you can’t tell by my opening… I’m tired!  May 10th and June 14th will be the second and third meetings for the NYC Powershell User group, and I can really use assistance.

Most importantly is content.  If you like to talk about Powershell, if you have a book you are promoting, if you are a vendor with cool Powershell tools now is the easiest time to get a slot to speak at our meetings.  Everyone knows the NYC Powershell User group is going to grow to be the largest regional Powershell group in existence, and now is your time to show off your stuff to the Powershellfull and influential of NYC high geek society including families from both the Admins and Developer clans.  We are not plagued with the submissions from speakers that are sure to come by the end of the year.  So act now!  Move in for the kill and sieze the opportunity for your own personal gain.  Contact with your proposal.

Second most importantly is that if you have a product to push, and want to be noticed you need to sponsor a meeting with food.  April and May are already taken, but June is now available.  We’re not that expensive…. we just need some pizza and beverages.  Want to be a superhero?  Then sponsor a round or two of drinks during the after party at Heartland Brewery.  Don’t feel like spending money then give us your products and swag to give away as prizes.  No swag too small.  I personally am a fan of this thing which makes absolutely no sense to me, but hey we’ve been talking about it at the office for months:

I have no idea what Nexco is, and no this is not a keychain (you can’t open the jump rope wire).  Seriously, I hope your swag is better than this if you’re considering giving it to the greatest Powershell User Group in New York City.

All sponsorship/swag inquiries or offers should also go to

Please go to the NYC Powershell User group website and join the group to get updates about group activity.

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