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Announcing PshOdata – Cmdlets that make Odata easy

I’m sitting in the PowerShell summit and just left the stage where I presented how the Odata extensions work and shared my new project (contributors welcome) to bring PowerShell-driven Odata endpoints to the masses

To make it clear just how easy it is to use, here is the code required to create a web service around get-process and stop-process.

$class = New-PshOdataClass Process -PK ID -Properties 'Name','ID'
$class |Set-PshOdataMethod -verb get -cmdlet get-process -Params Name, ID -FilterParams Name
$class |Set-PshOdataMethod -verb delete -cmdlet stop-process -FilterParams ID
$class |New-PshOdataEndpoint

This will generate three files in a folder called odata that can be copied up to your IIS server. After an IISReset, the Process endpoint will be available via the following URLs:

I hope you enjoy, and please post issues on GitHub if you encounter any.

Github Project

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