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Regular Expression Presentation – Recording Now Available

If you were unable to make my presentation on Regular Expressions for the UK User Group you can now view an audio/video version of the presentation here on Richard Siddaway’s Blog.  He has also made my slide deck, scripts, and the regular expression cheat sheet I created to go with the presentation available for download on this page.

While I am completely embarrassed that in the first few minutes I referred to myself as both an IT Pro and an Admin when I meant to say IT Pro and a Dev, but hey it’s not like this recording will be on the Internet forever – all kidding aside it really won’t.  So, if you are viewing this post in the future and the links no longer work you have my apologies – If I remember correctly Richard said that it would be available for a year.  END DIGRESSION – While I am completely embarrassed … I think the overall presentation went very well.  It was really great to have an opportunity to have my voice heard across the pond.  The European PowerShellers are very courteous.  I was happy with the feedback I received, and I truly love it when people who know regular expressions thank me for helping others realize what they are missing by not taking the time to learn them.

Thanks to Richard and the rest of the UK user group for having me.  I hope I’ll have the opportunity to join them again sometime in the future even if only as a virtual member.

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